We, the Poet Warriors:

From the Mississippi Delta to Detroit’s 7-mile Road, we are American students with a story to tell.

We have chosen to begin writing poems in order to use our experiences and intellect to teach, to empower, and to create change.

We join the movement to raise student voices in the national dialogue of change.

For many of us, the poems on this website are the first we’ve ever written, but know for certain, they won’t be the last.

We, The Poet Warriors Project:

For too long, literature and histories have been written by an exclusive sector of society. At the Poet Warriors Project, we believe each and every person has the right to write their own their story in a way that feels authentic, publish that story, be heard, and ultimately create the changes necessary to realize a better world. Therefore, we offer space for continual publication of authentic, personal histories, written by the people, for the people, and we amplify stories to realize a new, inclusive American history and literature, while pushing for the changes our students wish to affect.