Apple vs. Pineapple

Apple vs Pineapple

by -A


I look up

surrounded by tall buildings

flashing with busy ads

buy this

you have to fit in

the crowds move as one

dressed in all black

few stop to smile or wave back

scared that they’d take it the wrong way

everyone’s moving together

like the yellow taxis surrounding each other

but each person is in their own world

their thoughts and words silently curled

walk into a shop

they order, their words a straight drop

no manners

no grace

no warm smiling face


I look up

surrounded by tall coconut trees

almost where you’d find monkeys

the bright sun beams down

making it impossible for the sky to frown

the crowds are together

and they talk about more than the weather

celebrating with each other

mourning with each other

everything together

the ocean calls

they don’t dare to stall

like moths to a flame

The moana tides, washing away shame

There’s a want

more of a need

craving the cool salty water

and the push of the waves

Walk into a place

greeted with a smiling face

giving a smile

          returned in aloha

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