Big Brother

Note: Poet Warriors write with truth and purpose; this poem contains strong language, graphic details or sensitive subject matter.

Big Brother
By: Francisco Mojica

Big Brother
Stands for a mature person,
a person that’s gone through shit
a Gangbanger, Fought a lot, almost ended in jail, some worse,
almost got killed.
I was following his path.

He changed.
He got a real job,
a wife.
a child,
a better life.

I look up to my brother,
like bee’s look up to honey
or like a rookie looking up to a legend.

We had our fights, but
fought through them
He helps me and i help him
now we are

If ones down the other one is there,
to help pick him up.

I’m glad he’s my brother
My Big Brother
He Teaches me and never gave up on me
when i was at my lowest
He was there to give me a hand
give me advice
give me a reason
to be here.

Together we are a dynamic duo but,
we’re not just that.
We Are

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