Blade of Grass

Blade of Grass

by Jaime Cedillos

What am I ?

I am grass, that is what I am.

Day in, I see sunrises.

Day out, I see sunsets.

There are days that I am Wet.

There are days that I am Dry.

I can’t complain, water is my life.

I see creatures you’ve never seen before.

And you have seen creatures I’ve never seen before.

So, that’s the thrill of this ride.

Where am I?

I see pine trees, bushes, animals, and flowers.

I smell flowers, pine, and fruits.

I hear animals, wind and trees.

They feel different, some are soft others are hard.

They might not taste good but that is okay.

This is where I am.

This poem makes me...
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  • Smile (22%)
  • Somber (0%)
  • Surprised (1%)
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