Brownsville’s past

When you walking down Brownsville you can see many people kill
nobody got chill even though you see kids playing in the park
having fun but at soon as it goes dark everyone is done

But you won’t get it if you ain’t lived in Brownsville
just be lucky you weren’t killed

But their are Spanish, Blacks, and Whites who are
ready to fight light and dark in the parks shots in
city with many people killing and bleeding

You think a place like this would have so many kids
trying to get by the day getting an education so they
could have a graduation to make their mamas and
poppas proud so they wouldn’t let them down

In order to survive in life you must be able to thrive these
words are spoken to make the whole world awoken
these people need to open up their eyes and not deny
this city ain’t safe so you need to find a better place

hopefully one day i’ll pray and pray and this world would
be a better place and not a disgrace

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