Cumbia Chula

Cumbia Chula

By Abigail Flores


Chula is cool.


She likes to put her Cumbia music on

and she has a lot of make up.


There is a lot of make up in her room

And sometimes she puts it on and sometimes

She looks funny like a clown.


I think she thinks her face is a coloring book

And she always has her Cumbias on blast

And the speakers holler “Boom, boom.”


And then she starts dancing with me

We look like two dancing frogs.


When I’m around her I feel happy because

She’s always smiling I’ve never seen her

Sad or crying.


Chula is like a beautiful angel dancing

like a ballerina.

This poem makes me...
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  • Smile (90%)
  • Somber (2%)
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