By: Kristen Rios


When we are young, We are taught that family is your mother, brother, sister, father.

But I learned that, that wasn’t true.

My mother tells me she’s proud, my father is nowhere to be found.

My brother lifts me up in the air, but my sister never cared.


I have friends around the world,

Who I’ve never met before

And they seem more comforting than my sister next door.


“Oh Kristen, don’t worry, I’ll always be there!” my sister said, but she still doesn’t care.

‘Cause when I turned around, when I needed her,

She somehow disappeared.


“Oh Kristen, don’t worry, I’ll always be here!” a friend said, with a smile that didn’t disappear.

And I knew that she meant it.

‘Cause when my world crumbled,

She stood right beside me and told me not to fear.


My world was still crumbling,

My heart was falling apart.


But then I realized,

Family isn’t blood.

Family is heart.

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