Found A Way

I remembered the day we Celebrated my brother’s passing
People coming to me asking
“What happened that night?” “Why was there a fight?”
I’d tell them to get out of my face and mind their business
I don’t understand why people’s kids in this
But I get it, People thought in was right in their mind
Acting like it was a story off of New York Times
I was young then i didn’t understand the difference between yours and mine.

Because I thought we shared things,

Like Love, Peace, and Harmony
I guess that was beyond me
Because that showed me the reality of the human anatomy
Mixing a dark soul with a heart doesn’t seem right to me
I Didn’t know my family celebrating my brother death would cause a catastrophe.

Since then I never went a day forgetting my brother,
Now there was no other
To show me how to be a man
I would’ve came to my dad but he wouldn’t understand
I used to think i was the man
Now I’m stuck, with no words… or a plan.

Since then I found a way
Found a way to remember the past and hope for a better day
Dream of when I’m older and I’ll have a say
I’ll raise a family and hope they find a better way.

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