My Grandfather

My grandfather is 67
Served in the Vietnam War
When he was 8 years older than 11
Saw other soldiers dropping on the floor

I like his nifty house
But he lives a little far
No sign of any dead mouse
In his shiny little car

He’s nice and happy
When I’m around
The ol’ trees aren’t sappy
When I play in his backyard ground

He has long conversations
About the things we both believe
Concerned about the other nations
And how they may deceive

I miss the backyard in 2009
Slides, swings, monkey bars, cousins
Swinging from the monkey bars like a vine
Having holiday discussions

I miss the old Easter egg hunts back in 2010
Hunting for money
I miss family way back when
It was nice and sunny

As the years go by
I grow older
I’m inspired to fight for the country, spitting out no lie
Having military blood, and feeling bolder

It is now 2017
I miss old times
Now I’m writing poetry on experience before I turn 13
Turning them into rhymes


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