Her Ways

The power in your voice
The sharpness in your tone
The way told that little boy to leave you the hell alone
The whiteness of your teeth
The sharpness of your skin
The way you like to talk a bunch of smack makes me wanna grin
The brownness of your hair
The way you like to to stare
Oh the way you say you love me here and there
The perfection of your walk
The way you always told me to never go for lame boys that talk the talk

But yet that’s not always the mood
for some reason you always got an attitude
Don’t worry ima set that aside
and trust me this poem is worldwide
you think that i’m bipolar
that i’m a mess
But what you don’t understand is
I have nothing to confess
Not all I have to say
but know no matter what you do iĺl love you anyway

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