I Am From

I Am From

By Brisa Lares



I am from grass

From sports and food

I am from the hot, small desert

I am from the old oak tree

The old oak tree whose long gone

limbs I remember as if they were my



I am from laughing and hanging out

from my parents and uncles.

I’m from talking and laughing

and from having fun.


I am from “si no te portas bien, ese

señor te va a llevar” and “Recoje tu


and “cowgirls don’t cry”

I’m from celebrating

I’m from New Mexico and Zacatecas,


From tacos and tortas.

From the time we went to Mazatlan,

Sinaloa and got burned by an eel,

when we rode a huge banana on the



The picture of my 3rd birthday dressed

As a charra located almost everywhere

Around the house.


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