#I don’t care

People call me Fire.
I wish that I can say that I have feelings,
But I don’t someone very important to me broke my heart when she died.
I know that my great grandmother is in a better place, but it hurts me to say that,
I would prefer to be in heaven with her then, on earth with people who claim that they Care when they don’t.
People want me to do the best I can do and more;
My dad is loving, but can also be extremely annoying, when it comes to education,
I know he means well, but eventually I will be all grown-up
He won’t be there to walk me up the stairs to the future.
I am scared for the past to come back and kill me in the future.
I am doing everything in my power to show no emotions,
But it is so hard when people who love me and want the best for me are crowding over me like I’m a baby.
It is about time that I grow up and make my own choices for me.

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