I Was Born in the Ghetto

I was born in the ghetto,
parents left their kids in the street abandon
gangsters forced kids to sell drugs,
it was basically the only way to make money unless you had a job but that was rare.
I come from a loud ghetto neighborhood,
where you heard gunshots every night,
you couldn’t sleep because where doing drive bys and shoot outs,
or the fire trucks was putting out a fire because somebody baby momma tried to kill they baby daddy because they cheated
but I eventually got used to it,
and my dad kept me outta the streets so ian get shot, most adults went to the club at night,
to get drunk or high,
then wake up in places they never been before,
but things like that isn’t the worst thing that could or would happen
in this place smiles are abandon,
until one day i came to an abrupt end,sounds of sirens and bullets shattered through my brain,
i was born on the streets and died on the streets,
heck! I was shot to death,
by my own friend,
It was a cold-hearted world.

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