Ignorant Bliss

Ignorant Bliss

by Sydney Cochran


you’re looking at her,
but you don’t see her.
your vision obscured
by her mural that keeps you reassured

she has a blanket around her head
but it doesn’t keep the bad thoughts out. Instead,
it gives others, you, a fake sense of security
that everything’s okay, and still remains with purity

turn your head, it’s right there.
focused on yourself, you’re too busy to care
you see what she wants you to see
never intending to turn over a new leaf

if only you’d look not at, but into her eyes.
you would be the one to uncover her lies

she keeps her emotions on the down low
because that’s where the cracks begin to show

but there you are,
stuck in your ignorant bliss
without a sense of the real world

not even a kiss

This poem makes me...
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