Macdougal St

This is Macdougal St
Alcohol and drugs pollutes the air
Drunk men yell to escape the trance
The police come once or twice a year
For the legal law of gun possession

here I am

A little girl scared
That she will become another story
Another soul that escapes the unwanted street

That is Macdougal St

Can´t stay outside pass 6
From the ignorance of police
The arrest of blacks for
¨Disrespect to police¨
But really it was just cause
They don´t us here
They want to achieve the ¨American Dream¨
But really the dream is to rid the race
White America is what they want

But, a mixed child will shine
Going and breaking all stereotype
I am a new generation
I´m the brightest light that shines

In Macdougal St

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