Moments and memories

I am walking in the sea shore,
Diving back to time.
Waves crashing the shore,
Floating moments of mine .

I wanna press rewind,
Go hunting my memories.
Memories made of dreams and feelings,
And they are ripping my mind.

Heart in parts,
Divided by moments each day.
Sea full of dreams,
Standing together.

Not letting go away,
Precious dreams of mine .
Right now I am dying,
Deep Inside my heart.

Burning back in my mind,
Because past is past.
Dreams I wanna follow ,
But I can’t.

Know that I can,
But don’t know what to do.
And everyone say one thing,
That you got to try .

Nothing is impossible,
And everything is possible.
Try you can do ,
Even the things which are impossible.

Because dreams never die,
The soul is still in you,
It whispers you to follow,
And don’t lose the track.

Don’t wanna press rewind,
And don’t wanna pause.
Play the moment ,
And live your life .

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