My Big Brother

My Big Brother

by Rose McClure


My big brother

has alway kinda been a star in the family

everyone is mostly paying attention to him

me being his little sister

I’m thrown in his shadow


For example my dad is always about

how he’ll be a star,

how I should play basketball like him

but to be honest


of hearing how he’s better

and I should be like him

but everytime


I try doing the thing he does

but I still am in his shadow

and he knows because

he says it himself

“I’m better than you just face it”

he has no idea how that feels


But I’ll let him have that for now

because he is already in high school

and that’s a headstart of no drama for me

but I truly believe he will make it in the NBA


He plays varsity in high school

and he’s only a freshman

but over all

I’m proud of him

and wish him the best

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