My Life

My life is like darkness
You can’t stand staying there
My family will drive you insane.

I love my life because of my
bratty sisters
My family is kind, generous
funny and mean.

My poem would be like if I
were dreaming while I’m

My house that brings back memory
my family will make you feel like you have
never felt.

My life feels like you can
never run away from it.

My poem will make you think over
and over of what you want in life.

My poem will make you feel like
you should stay with them forever.

My community is like a life that
you will never forget what you did.

I live in a Hogan its very small in there
and I am full Navajo

This poem makes me...
  • Think (18%)
  • Smile (24%)
  • Somber (12%)
  • Surprised (6%)
  • Feel a Connection (24%)
  • Inspired (18%)