My Own Sonnet Poem

Humans do not always live in the light, some in the dark
Thanks to their envy, and being ungrateful for their life
People can go insane for not living on a lark
Envy is a strong emotion that leads you to strife

Love isn’t always rainbows & sunshine but blindness
Envy can drive people to vile, twisted, bad desires
Humans must be grateful for their happiness
If you start living a life of envy, you live in miseries

Sometimes you feel dead thanks to your envy
You feel shallow needing more to be satisfied
Trying to remember what you need with little memory
Your life can end up classified

You feel cold, all you can see is dead
Your life is over, living in envy has doomed you to dead.

This poem makes me...
  • Think (72%)
  • Smile (6%)
  • Somber (3%)
  • Surprised (0%)
  • Feel a Connection (17%)
  • Inspired (2%)