My Precious Pooch

Dakota is silly dog that loves to jump
She can run all day without stop having fun
She snores louder than a thunderstorm and in sleep her tail thumps
When she is sleepy and it is still day she likes to lie upside down in the sun
She has fur slicker than oil that shines in the light
She is able to make you feel, no matter what, like royalty
She can make you feel in the heart always right
She may bite you annoyingly
She may be a smaller dog with huge ears and paws and scared of other dogs but she has a huge heart
She is always sad to see us leave but knows that we will always come back
We took her to PetSmart once, saw a dog, then jumped on and pushed a cart
She may lack but she definitely has a strong muscular back
You can hear her, from across the neighborhood, bark
At running she clearly has a knack
You never have seen a dog run faster than her at the park
On walks she loves to pull
With her dark, cute puppy eyes she will pull you into a lull

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