Rainbow Ones

Rainbow Ones

By Gabby Devora

There once was a boy and girl,

they were twins, forever shunned

once thought to be lovely,

now thought of as odd, weird

They were twins like no other,

connected from birth,

feelings always showing,

on on their face, on their skin,

blue when sad, red when mad, green when sick,

 yellow, happy, purple, calm,

and on and on as the rainbow goes

When used to play and laugh,

now kept hidden, away from others

always blue, never purple nor yellow,

There was a time when they were as rainbows,

an abundance of colors,

so bright, so much beauty and life,

now they are not,

while still full of beauty,

neither feel it, like a candle snuffed of it’s flame,

snuffed of their lives while still so young,

with only hurt, pain and sadness that kept them here,

Now though, although they had all their pain,

they are in a better place,

a place with more rainbow ones that are as sweet as

the candy they once ate,

These were the rainbow twins,

once happy and loved with all the love one can give,

then hurt and cast off with the scars of their pain,

now in a better place, a place like no other,

where their colors run free and full of life,

with those who have as well past,

Goodbye for now dear rainbow ones,

may your colors always run free.

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