Some where Down on nelson Street

Some where down on nelson street
there is a place i call home
a place i know I’m safe
a place were my family meets up at
Elly the sweet one, Maggie the funny one,Rebecca the one who’s always there for you, Dezi the one who so nice and accepting
A place were we all have fun
a place were we make plans for the future, a place were we find love, a place were there never anything to worry about
A place were i feel accepted, a place were i don’t overthink my every move, A place i feel happy
this is a place were i can tell everyone how i feel and they will help me, and time were we stay up late and giggle all night, and trying not wake up parents, we make plans for the future, we make inside jokes, we share our favorite memories, and a time to have fun and not worry about anything

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