Still I Fight

Still I Fight

By Christopher Holly

You’ve hurt me in more ways than none

Rather it be coming and going or simply not being there

You put me aside like I was extras.

Threw me away like I was nothing

Left me alone like I had a disease

When all along it was you with a disease

You have a disease of hatred self pity

Worst of all disease of abandonment

Even when on my own back against the wall still I fight, still we fight.

I sit in the dark sobbing stuck in confusion wondering why

Not knowing rather to cry or simply let the dream die

Like the weather in Michigan no I’m not perfect nobody is,

I’m also not the worst, for I am somebody’s child.

You left me to dry, hung like a coon in ‘53 to die.

Startled and jumbled still head up to the sky

Left when I needed you most

You gave me your name, but like a red and blue matrix pill we’re clearly not the same

You made your bed now sleep in it.

I control my fate not you!

You act like I’m dead but clearly still living

I failed many times

But I still tried either way head up to the heavens staying strong

I will survive on my own and get mines

Through it all I still fight,
In the end I’ll shine, showing all my might.

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