The People

They read magnificent papers written with
Black, soft ink dancing, leaving behind words
Being help together with the weeping
Torn bodies of creepers

They read about the horrible terrors of
Past events
Bright red demons
With scaly wings made of everlasting fire
Somber figures
With giant yellowed teeth and sharp claws
Gleaming with black blood

They are like the biggest, fattest boars
Pretending to be the toughest, but ignorant to
Their fates

They got one thing correct
These terrible creatures exist
Created from the deepest, darkest holes
In the flaming Underworld

They came from the fiery depths
Destroying all the beauty of the world
Lush forests cut with terrible wooden metallic axes
Creatures of this world shot dead pounds of flaming metal
They caused devastation to this world

If only the readers knew that they were the terrors
Straight from the Underworld

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