The Place I Belong

The Place I Belong

by Joselynn Medeiros


the lovely smell of gardenias in the morning

waking up next to the person i love

i kiss him as i roll off of my bed

as i stand outside on the porch i can see the

the ocean curve in the distance

hearing the sound of footsteps coming from the person i love

feeling his arms wrap around me as i smile

the touch of him made feel so warm inside

i turn to kiss him good morning

i lay my head on his chest

i could hear the sound of his heart beat

being in his arms was the place i belong

we watched as the fog rolled over the mountain top

the sun’s rays beamed through the fog

we laughed as he tried to scare the


the beautiful red green house stood out

like a yellow flower in green grass

as he chased the turkeys i cooked breakfast

the sweet smell of eggs bacon with french toast with butter coated on top

he came in the door like ballerina his movement graceful just like his touch so kind and loving

i smiled as he smiled looking at me and the food

we laughed the whole morning as we layed next to each other watching

i watched as he laughed watching the moving

i thought out loud as i held him in my arms

“the place i belong”

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