The Shadow of Everyone

This shadow, comes from everybody, it comes from people, businessman, and mainly anyone with hobbies

This shadow, walks when you walk,
jogs when you jog,
runs when you run,
but just to say,
it follows everyone.

The wars,
the battles,
the games,
the rattle,
itś all followed by this silent shadow

North, South, East, West,
this shadow follows people from the lowest of the lowest,
to the best of the best

Up, down, left, right, this shadow will grow and test your might.
The outside of you, and in the deepest pit of your heart,
this shadow follows you everywhere, be it house, basement, or park

The sunlight illuminates it, it projects it to the ground,
now you know,
this shadow follows you all around.

Now, I´m going to leave off talking about shadows, because now yo ought to know, it even projects off the baby rattle.

Now, to leave off saying, ¨your shadow is apart of you¨, so now we can all say, ¨your own shadow succeeds your own personal truth.

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