Live selflessly, yet for yourself,
for there are those who would die for you
and those who would live;
and the very fabric of this world curls itself around you
to keep you safe while you walk;
and at night, the shadows come, to cloak you and hold your hand to keep you warm;
and the light bends itself around your figure to keep the sun out of your eyes and on your back;
and the infinite beauty of the world whooshes in and out of your lungs as you breathe;
and all the colors of the world run through your veins;
and the constellations of the universe shine in your eyes without end;
and Lady Luck and Lady Justice care for all the baby birds on their doorstep;
yet this treatment is not limited to you, and you, too,
must care for all the baby birds on your doorstep,
regardless of how it hurts you.
For all of them are part of a puzzle,
and the universe is a puzzle,
infinite and divine,
made of soft black velvet,
and every creature has its place,
dancing to an infinite rhythm that can only be heard by the stars themselves;
and if you were to perish unjustly,
the puzzle would remain incomplete,
a quilt without the seams,
the final ingredient to the elixir gone without explanation,
the dance incomplete,
in need of a final member.
So, please, don’t go where I can’t reach you,
somewhere deep and silent
as unreachable as the bottom of the ocean
for you are essential
up until your last breath.
And always remember, in times of great stress, in times of pain and sorrow where it seems like the sun will never shine again and there will only ever be storms:
Life can be dreary,
dull and dark,
with no hope
but the light at the end of the tunnel;
and yet, there is so much to enjoy!
and so little reason to take it all seriously!
so kick back, grab a lawn chair and a box of popcorn,
paint the sky full of bright stars and brilliant sunsets,
put a little bit of your light and beauty into everything;
put a bit of your spirit into a lantern and carry it around
to cast your light upon all;
bring a box of tissues for the darkest nights
and a box of candies for the brightest days;
and sit back and watch
the sorting out.
But, most of all, never forget
the kindnesses done to you,
that you could never return;
remember every compliment, every kind word, every gift, every favor;
give as much as you receive
or more, much, much more;
for kindness needs no reward,
and no congratulation will ever come for being a decent person,
so smile and wave
and accept the truth
and continue to love, and breathe, and smile,
because life is good,
and you are good.

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