My mind wanders,
It sails through the sea of my imagination,
As it wanders,
I wander with it,
My mind being the captain of the ship,
Me standing,
Images of my imagination slightly blurred by it’s ocean prison,
It begs to escape,
To leap out at my and pull me down for ever.

My mind wanders,
Through a hall of theaters that never ends,
Some just a small couch living room with a surround sound system,
I sit down with my mind,
That takes many forms,
A wolf,
A fox,
A simple house cat to a tiger,
Each picture lasting hours of glorious fun in my head,
being only seconds in real time,
And when it’s all over,
After wandering,
I come back to the real world,
And wonder.

This poem makes me...
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  • Smile (8%)
  • Somber (4%)
  • Surprised (4%)
  • Feel a Connection (12%)
  • Inspired (64%)