What Am I To Her?

I wonder sometimes
What am I to her
The lady that gave birth to me
Am I the person who ruined her life at a young age?
Does she hate me?
Does she love me?
I sometimes am her treasure
For getting honors, or for being good
And she gives me that Love and Affection
In that one moment
That’s why I work hard
For that affection
But sometimes I feel like I am something she despises,
Something she hates
I know and I am fully aware,
That I may sometimes do the wrong thing
But she doesn’t understand it is just to get her attention
All I really want is her LOVE and AFFECTION
I want her to be proud of me
But it seems to be impossible
Now and then i want to go back in time and see,
What was the error I committed,
That made her lose her trust in me
There seems to be no bond between her and me anymore
But what should I do now to fix that error?
Because all I really want is her Love and Affection
And once again I ask myself
What am I to her?

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