What do I know?

Mrs.Barnes I do met
As I shovel my street
In a mid December storm
The cold bite sharper than a thorn

Only then do I know her
When she’s away from red rover
When she is not cleaning my bruises
Or welcoming me back from my cruises

In front of us she was sweet and sharp
And the song that she played shrieked the sound of a harp
Though when i see her in a December breeze
Or at the time in spring we watch the geese
Something just doesn’t seem…


That’s right,
She looks that she could put up a fight
With this I must be weary
But this brings up a query

That l o o k
That burning stare
Or is she thinking of a book?
Is it a look of despair?
Is she losing her hair?


Her f a m i l y w o u l d b e t h e r e…

R I G H T?

R i g h t?


n o


My thought has provoked maybe a darker secret
Did she tell anybody…
Or to herself d i d s h e k e e p i t?

Is there more to that glare…
That thought provoking stare?

Is she alright
Is she bare
Does she need light
Is there a secret lair

Is that her
Or is it just me?

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