What She Feels

What She Feels

By: Jordan Carson

Fantasy mixed up with reality

Confused and depressed

Bullied by the way she dressed

Slits were cut in her wrist

As she clenched a fist


But with a supporting mother

It all suddenly got better

One day looking in the mirror

She thought why am I here?

Wishing death was near

Full of darkness and fear


Her Dad comes home one night

She’s feeling fright

That’s right, a b u s i v e father

Thinking about why even bother?

Slap, punch, slap, punch it finally came an end

Having more bruises and slap marks than she has ever had


She couldn’t hold it in anymore

She confides in her soul mate, best friend

Her heart breaks when secrets become g o s s i p


Day by day, people staring at her

She felt like a feather

Everyone blowing her away


She is wishing that someone could h e l p her

So she turns to her mother

There’s an understanding relationship between them

Her mother had s c a r s just like her

So they decided to leave


As they drive throughout the night

H o p e is on the horizon

As the sun rises, they saw a  f u t u r e

For the first time in a long time


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