Why Care?

Why do we care about understanding
Never do we get answers, we only get questions.
Soon those will become overwhelming.
They cause us to change our view on basic creations.
Our drive to learn, our drive to explore, expands like a balloon,
But like every balloon it must explode,
Leaving thy thinker with something missing in his mind, like a town with no saloon.
If we could know it all then we would not want to, it would tear us apart like a star that will implode
We can always try to know what makes all the wonders occur
But there is a difference between understanding and knowing
We will never understand all we know, no matter what we find or what we can concur.
There will always be things we cannot comprehend like the light blowing,
From the sun. Why do we continue to try, knowing that we will never know all
We should not care but we do and that is why we, alone, will fall.

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