You’ll Regret It

You’ll Regret It

By Jorge Rivas

{Warning: Poet uses explicit language to express his feeling}


You’ll regret when you leave and

Can’t come back

I will miss you

But am not going to beg you to come back

It was your decision

You will regret

I know you will


I know you left

With that vato because you thought

It was going to be like a love story

Like in the movies

You will regret when you’re pregnant

And can’t look back for help


Don’t count on him because

He won’t be there like

Those fake as people that

Call themselves my mom’s

Bestfriend and saying it was

My mom’s fault because you and those

Lies ain’t going no where


I regret having your back

Because the only thing we did was hide

Those stupid secret and left

A big hole in our hearts and

Fuck your vato

That is what you call fake

All those people your with


Don’t think it don’t hurt me to say all these things

It does and a lot

But you know I ain’t going to think

About you no more

All those things I did to you I regret it

And I hope you regret leaving


And if the reason you left was because of me

I regret it

I can change

If you come back

I hope your okay with your vato


Remember you’ll always have

A brother to count on

ButI know you’ll regret it.

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