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April is National Poetry Month
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Killadelphia By Imani Ortiz  Philadelphia is Killadelphia. Everybody wants to hurt everybody. Raping under-aged girls, making them get pregnant, not knowing…

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The Mall

The Mall By Aniya Robinson I was going to the Willow Grove Mall And heard people talking, music playing, and…

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By: Nicole Viera Another one exhale poof! The aroma of foulness Everywhere. Constantly has a pack Full of miserable ashes…

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Seeing Her

By: Carolina Gomez Seeing her tears coming down her face like crystals. Seeing her get up early every morning telling…

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My Dad

By: Dakota Grady My dad is the most outstanding person in my life because he teaches me so much stuff…

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By: Dariam Pozo There is way for you to express yourself, where we are heard but not seen, where we…

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All Gone

By: Eric Calle They’re all gone. Said to never find They weren’t all kind. Although we all got along We…

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