Our Bond

My mom is the best

and I know

this is not a test

and there is nothing like our bond

it’s like a really big love bomb

She helps me with my up’s and down’s

she help’s me turn around and turn my frown upside down

and even though she makes me mad sometimes

even want to cry

I still thank her for giving me dearly life

I think about our bond when the city sleep’s

I think about our bond when I go back to sleep

So I say there is nothing like the bond

of a mother and her child

for it can spread for thousands of miles.



Dreams Of You

Dreams Of You

By Ja’Quan Battle

As I fall asleep
I see you in my dreams.
You’re the light that shines on me
with your care and trust.
I’m seeing the truth past your soul
as we place ourselves and gaze into each others eyes.

Then we start to connect
you said everything will be alright.
I knew you would tell me all that’s true
but what I didn’t know….
was that I’d see your face.

As I lay here thinking of you
As I lay here dreaming of you.
I’m frightened, frightened, frightened to see you in my dreams
frightened I tell you
frightened as a lonely person in the woods!

Now I understand the meaning of you being here
like an animal talking in a story
that let’s me know you still see me.

I wish on a shooting star to see you
Dreaming of you was my wish.
I seen you so it came true
now that I have dreams of you.

Walking Into Trouble

Walking Into Trouble
by Khalya Evans

My new friend and I were always joking,
Nothing seemed to leave him jolting,
But then one day we walked to the park,
Just to joke and not to play,
As many killings happened here,
This was not a safe park,
My mom told me “Don’t go! Don’t go!”,
But I ignored all her warnings,
And still went,
All because my cool new friend.

When we arrived there was a large group of bullies,
Which my friend planned to annoy,
We just kept walking,
Strain in every step,
My heart slammed against my chest,
Soon I was standing in front of one,
Looking up from different sizes,
My friend insulted all the bullies,
I knew I should have listened to my mom,
And turned around when I had the chance,
Because soon I had a cherry red bloody nose,
And my friend,
A black eye.

Mind your business

Mary is an instigator

She made a fight happen

They were mad at her

One friend now gossiping

Love to talk about people

That’s why I stay in my own lane

Suzy told me ” to never give up on anything

Keep going and keep trying

Live while your young”

The next day Mary was talking about me

Mary was put to jail for instigating

We lived a very happy life when she was gone

When Mary came back  it started over again

I never talked to her again so far

But she came up to me and It was a complication

She was all up in my situation

“Y’all better get out of this face of mine”

“I’m starting to think this is a very bad sign”

I’m going to go ahead & get in my place

So I walked away from everything

My mother is my warrior

By:Jahneajah Moody


My mother always
taught me to treat
others how I
wanted to be treated.

My mother is kind of tall
she sound like me we talk
alike she helpful,sweet,and
always there for me.

My mother I love her with all
my heart my life without her
is just complete dark.

My mother is encouraging
to me I love her more than
a fat kid love to eat our bond
is like a love bomb.

My mother as everybody know
I love her the way kids love to
watch it snow.




Stuck Between Colors

Stuck Between Colors

by:Ken’Yonna Taylor

you say this is your time

theirs a fine line

between your time and my time

this is our time

you see me as black

and you think i see you as white

but i only see you as a person

that i no longer want to fight

we live in a world

where there used to be colored

but now its black and white

listening to the stories

it all seemed like a big fright

unlike some people who ran away

i will stay

i will fight fight for my rights

to be black in this crazy world

youre stuck between color lines

some people think im color blind

but im not

i just don judge people

by what color they are

i only accept people for who they are

Y.O.L.O so make the best of it

Don’t take life for granted because it can be taken from you

It depends on how you act and things you do

So go ride out in the sunset with a friend or two

Don’t forget Y.O.L.O let it stick with you

Go to a concert sail the sea

Fly to an island or plant a tree

Make your life useful don’t take if for granted go hug your mom discover a planet

Don’t let them haters bring you down

They just want to see you frown

When stand up they sit down

Your the leader and they’re following you now


Believe In Yourself And Live Life With What You Can

Believe In Yourself And Live Life With What You Can
By : Kelsey Boyd

The sound of your voice always make me say ,

” I’ll try my best everyday. ”

The color of your hair is the month of June .

And the color of your eyes is like an ocean view from aside .

Every time I go to sleep , you always say ,

” Yous the best person I love to see everyday ! ”

So try your best in hard times .

Try your best in times you feel like doubting yourself .

Never give up .

Never don’t try .

Cause success doesn’t come this easy in life .

So dream big and live free because freedom walks to any that believes .