His Dreams

His Dreams

By Angela Cruz

He is a mysterious mystery to me.

He bikes around, he plays all day. He acts carefree but when nobody sees he dreams a dream.

He loves a girl and she loves he.

Plot twist she leaves and his special special dream turns into a living nightmare.

The love bugs they chase him. His love once red as blood turned to a cold blue ice winter.

The winter is alive and storming. His once love gone he’s all alone and all he ever does is THINK

Thinks like a thinker. All the once “what ifs?” turn real he’s in a nightmare.

He wakes up and he sees it was all just a dream.

He stands up and bikes away but no play for today. As he is terrified of the power of dreams he’s too scared to sleep.

He now knows the beauty and the horror to dreams.

This poem makes me...
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  • Feel a Connection (11%)
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