Hammond, Indiana is full of so many things,
Like a field full of all kinds of flowers.

Green grass and warm sunny weather
during the spring,
Feeling the nice breeze while walking down the street.

But when winter hits,
It’s a whole new planet.

There is no more sunshine,
No more warm weather,
Just coldness.

White snow all around
Every turn you take.

Besides the weather, my favorite place is
Cedar Avenue.

The place I’m from.

My home, My neighborhood, My street.

So much to do in Cedar Avenue.

Close to my school,
Eggers Middle School.
Close to Columbia Park,
Where I can play soccer whenever I want to.

Overall, my place is pretty cool.

Calm, chill area to hang around.

You can hear a mixture of different kinds of music during cookouts.
You can see all the kids running around the street,
Playing soccer or basketball.

You can smell all the steak
Being cooked on the grill when there is nice weather.

All this happens in my favorite place
Which is home.

Even though Cedar Avenue may sound cool,
Its has its moments.

Hearing adults and teens cussing down the street,
While there is little kids around.
Cop cars always passing by back and forth,
Looking for someone or something.

But, don’t think it’s an everyday thing.

I love where I live,
Cause it’s the place where I’m from.

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