I Am

I Am

By Brenda Olvera



I am kind and determined

I wonder if I’m every going to make a change in the world

I hear people saying that I’m very important

I see myself running from all responsibility

I want to make everyone happy for what they have

I am kind and determined

I pretend to see the world as a peaceful place

I feel sorry for anyone that makes people cry

I touch the feelings of people I care

I worry that I won’t succeed in life

I care for people without a home

I am kind and determined

I understand that I can’t help everyone

I say to myself that I could make the world a better place

I dream dreams where I change the world for people that need help

I try to be what I know is a great person

I hope I’m determined enough to help the people around me

I am kind and determined

This poem makes me...
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