I’m From

I’m from el dia de Pascua and Ano Nuevo
From my grandma and grandpa
I’m from work and eat
And from playing soccer.

I am from my comfortable bed
From the pillows and blankets
I am from the white and red house
It smells like tulip
I am from the pine trees
The fruit tree whose long
Gone limbs I remember
As if they were my own.

I’m from “si no te duermes te va a llevar chucky” and
“limpia tu cuarto o no te compro nada cuando vallamos a
la tienda” and “Duérmete mi niño duérmete ya porque viene
el coco y te va a llevar”
I’m from Christmas
I’m from Mexico
Carne asada and varbacoa
From when my brother was born
I got there late
When we played volleyball for el dia de Pascua
On the park
We were playing but then we would get mad then at the end
We just went and eat carne aside and we were happy.

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