My Bestfriend/Bro

Me and him was tight like a lock
its been a while bro
i miss you everyday
there is no sunshine just rain
I wish you was here right now
Cause if you was there wouldn’t be no tears falling down my eyes
You was killed on the block
Knew you since 05
All we heard was a bang
I had that feeling someone had died
But I didn’t think it was you
since elementary we had each others back
we said if one fight we both fight back
you were like my brother even though we were friends
It will stay like that till the very end
At Least my lil sis got my bro in the sky to guide her and help and make sure she don’t cry
I seen your mom the other day you have a new baby brother devontae
Don’t worry i’m gonna have his back
the same you did for me
don’t worry i’m going to make sure he knows you
but it’s really hard
he just young one that look like is older brother but the one that s gone
I Miss you bro and tell Destiny i miss her to
and i will tell your lil brother you love him 2=

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