My Grandpa’s Lesson

My Grandpa’s Lesson

By Leticia Dixon

My grandpa always told me

That no one is perfect


No matter how they look,

How they dress,

Or how they act.

Don’t act like you’re the only one alive.

He was tall and a wise man.

He never gave up,

He finished what he started

No matter how risky or dangerous.

When he talked

It was like it was like it was only him in the room.

Everyone understood him,

He made no mistake.


Until this day I know that I’m not perfect,

I’m ME!

My grandpa was a wise and strong man

And one day I will too be just like my grandpa.

He didn’t care what people said about him

Nor will I.

Every minute I try to push myself

Not to be perfect

But to show people I’m not a joke.


I will never be a joke.

I am a strong lady.

No matter what people say

I am ME!




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