New Language

When I was six years old I came to a new world,
A scary world,
I was a young Dominican girl walking around the Big Apple,
In a place where the only word I knew was apple,
Fast forward six years and I am already writing sentences,
Wondering the sciences,
In a new language

Wondering if I would ever reach my dreams,
All while trying to boost my self esteem,
All while living in a city full of crime,
There is a shooting on that street every time,
I try to get people to understand who I am but,
I don’t know who I am myself,
No matter what new language it is,no one understands.

There is no equation for this,
It just is what it is,
Some people try to understand,
It is useless,
They would not understand,
I do have exceptions,
People that change my perception,
My friends,
That friend that always attends,
That understands the complicated pronunciation of my new language

My mother always told me to keep my friends close,
I didn’t understand that until now,
If I don’t keep my friends close the door to my dreams might close,
They are the only one that understood my,

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