Significant Change

Significant Change
by Kamaile Gusman

Precious memories.
Not much good.
I love the times we spend together,
but I always feel pushed away.
It seems to me that I have to be miserable to be helped, noticed, loved.

Am I doing something wrong?
I have no idea why this happens.
And I think that’s the worst part.
Not knowing what you’re doing wrong.
The thought just sitting there,
haunting you.

Significant change.
Leaves you wondering,
where did it all go wrong?
Leaves you wondering,
how you can make that change again.
But this time,
for the better.

This poem makes me...
  • Think (20%)
  • Smile (16%)
  • Somber (14%)
  • Surprised (8%)
  • Feel a Connection (27%)
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