Star Stone

Star Stone

by Baylee Ledward

She said

My heart’s cold or I would’ve shone brighter

But the sparks gone and my star stone won’t light up

I might’ve just walked home

But the dark road just as charcoal as souls of those gone by us

I’m so biased in my position

I don’t buy it

I’m alone minutes from solo missions to float higher if

I don’t get

I won’t miss it

An old lie in which adults hide

My own vision’s with no iris

Both eyelids open

Hoping that this time is different

Wishing that this is the moment I’ve been trying to witness

Which is closest?

Admit I’m broken?

It’s fine

I’m feeling infinite notions and been afloat in this pond of

Being alone

It’ll be too cold to respond

But I’m heated by those dreams

I seem to have broken bonds with people I leave

Never greet me with open arms

I’m seeking more in my palm than simply rope and a charm

The passion

The silence

The rapping

The violin

The ashes

The violence

The clash of the sirens

Imagine a time from the past that’s behind us

It’s tragic

I’m past it

But ask I’ll respond with

I’m not lonely, I’m just alone

They say I’m trapped in my mind

You don’t know me

I’m just at home

Finding peace in prospect of looking myself in the mirror

When I speak to respond with

I’m not lonely, Im just alone

They say I’m trapped in my mind

You don’t know me

I’m just at home

Deeper thoughts every time

Just another night

Music in my heart and it goes a little something like–

There’s a reason I was made this way

I’ll ask God when I get to see him face to face

I be soul searching

Working trying to finding my sole purpose

Learning my goal’s distant

I sprint till my soles hurting

Perfect is no person

I promise zer-0 percent

No matter the actor we all gotta close curtains

I’ve given up just enough to complain

Feeling cold to the touch

But I’m numb to the pain

And that’s only the start

Think its dumb that I’m praying

But I’ve come far distrusting my heart and the brain

I find peace in silence

Though beats and rhyming beat solace modestly like we promised

To be honest

Feeling indifferent to the chatter

Wonder if it matters

Slip from the ladder or keep climbing

Be conscious

This is forcibly handwritten

Might pass it as forgery cuz of course we don’t have feelings

Imagine the past

Passed courses in class sitting

I’ve been here before

Metaphor for the track’s ending

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