the bad news

The news always taught me
That the world is terrible place
With gangsters,pollution,
Loss in food, loss in water,
Murders, and even strange creatures
That lurk near us all

The news has different teams
On different shows
With many different looks
I am better than them

I will not grow up
To do harm
Or scare people for fun
Or judge others
By race,sex,and even looks

I know i am better
Than the evil people
That bring grief and harm to others
Who make others feel depression
Or have second thoughts
On others or themselves

The news has said many things
But by far the worst
Like storms,floods, and other natural disasters
But i dont blame the news for this
But i blame the people

The ones that caused harm
Or the people that gave an example
For them to follow
Or the people that brought them to it by
Angering them
Making them feel depressed
Or alone

This is why i hope
Our future
Becomes better
Than are present

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